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Having the Nomad spirit



Travelling makes one see things differently. Soon, you will desire to make your own path, not just on a map, but in everything you do. It’s the same for us. That is why we invite you to Nomad, the most beautiful skybar in the Old Town of Bucharest, on the top floor of 30th Smardan Street. And since a nomad enjoys an open sky above him, on warm evenings, the glass roof steps aside and makes room for the stars above.


On his journeys, the traveler lives to discover and returns with new inspiration. You only need to take one look at our menu to find specialties from all corners of the world, exotic cocktails and wines brought from faraway places.

When you are a free spirit, you know that music and friends are key ingredients to life. So when the sun sets, the party begins, because Nomad is also a club, besides bar and restaurant.

Often, in life, the best experiences start from a simple recipe. In our case, this recipe is: Eat. Drink. Dance.



The Nomad menu sends you on a voyage around the world, one where no passport is required. You travel from one country to the next as you enjoy our specialties from Italy, France, Spain, Asia, Greece and the United States – different tastes and textures, but always the same delightful experience. Of course, you can always stick closer to home and choose the very tempting Romanian dishes. Whatever you decide, our chefs will put all their talent to work to offer the best culinary experience.



Go up to the top floor, stop by at the bar and you will not be disappointed. Whether one of our cocktails caught your eye or you prefer to take a look at the wine selection, at Nomad there’s always something to your liking. And maybe even more: we invite to try out new mixes and spirits, seldom seen around town.

The wine list is more than generous. And if choosing proves difficult, we can always help out with advice.



Music is best heard under the open sky. Whether the glass roof is out of the way or not, at Nomad you will hear songs guaranteed to keep you moving. The resident DJs prepare selections that touch on different genres, from funk to electro-pop and live artists invite you to jazz concerts, rock and acoustic shows, and many other rhythms and styles. Weekend nights are club nights, when the party keeps going until the early morning..

Eat. Drink. Dance.



You can find us in the Old Town, at 30th Smardan Street. Take the elevator to the top floor – or go up the stairs if you need to warm-up for a long night – and you will encounter a space where a restaurant meets a bar meets a club. And once you get here, it’s hard to leave.

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